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Sandi Selvi is an in-demand keynote speaker, stand-up comedian, and author who will motivate, inspire and totally entertain audience members at your next event! Her compelling personal journey as an experimental stem cell recipient, and M.S. Survivor, bring a unique insight to overcoming life's obstacles... delivered through non-stop humor with thought provoking and entertaining storytelling!

2nd Edition, NEW Title, "A Stem Cell Transplant MS Recovery Story: Beating Multiple Sclerosis with Humor, Hope & Science" formally titled, "Won't Do Stand-up in a Wheelchair" available now on Amazon.

(Kindle version also available)

Sandi @ TEDx Sacramento

Are you fom SLV and have MS?

Did you go to San Lorenzo Valley High School in Felton, California? And, have Multiple Sclerosis? I want to know. We have found a large group of people that do. Click here.

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